Healthcare is Killing Us

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Criticizing the belief that man-made medicine is HEALTH

HEALTH is not found in medication. HEALTH is an overall state of being where sleep, meals, exercise and hydration are all part of your daily self-care. HEALTH is enhanced when time is spent in nature and with a supportive community of people. HEALTHCARE is what’s being delivered in facilities and hospitals and it’s killing us!

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Cognition Killers

How many times a week, maybe daily, do you think I cannot get my thoughts straight or what’s the word I’m looking for? Then you talk to a coworker or friend and find they complain of the same! Lately, it seems everyone thinks this brain fog is real. It’s happening all the time in my…

Obesity Is Fully Genetic. Full Stop.

The epitome of fake news is a marketing piece disguised as a news story, complete with interview of a highly degreed obesity physician. I’d argue obesity needs to be treated by a nutritionist and personal trainer.

Gut Health. Poised for Hijack?

Gut health could be the key to mental health, plus immune function plus overall better wellness. It’s often overlooked and in jeopardy of having bigpHARMA hijack the means to a healthy gut! Take your own gut health seriously and find heaps of benefits in doing so.

Wilderness Connection

“Humans’ need for nature varies considerably for a variety of reasons but has also been linked to evolution. For some, the need, or trait, is strong,” Gerard Kyle, PhD We are innately, intrinsically linked to wilderness. Most don’t realize how tightly and too many aren’t closely linked at all. Millions have learned to thrive in urban environments,…


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