Healthcare is Killing Us

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Criticizing the belief that man-made medicine is HEALTH

HEALTH is not found in medication. HEALTH is an overall state of being where sleep, meals, exercise and hydration are all part of your daily self-care. HEALTH is enhanced when time is spent in nature and with a supportive community of people. HEALTHCARE is what’s being delivered in facilities and hospitals and it’s killing us!

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It’s Not Our Fault

I want to ask some questions and I might add a little ‘healthcare’ rant so it doesn’t hurt my feelings if you read no further, but I feel compelled to be more vocal about what is wrong with ‘medicine’ today. Nope, I’m not a doctor. Just like we aren’t all epidemiologists or biologists but we … Continue reading It’s Not Our Fault

Those Three Words

A racially divisive event in the summer of 2020 immortalized three words . . . I can’t breathe. Those three words probably broke an already aching city. They put deep wounds in the hearts of others. The same three words became a symbol for fear, despair and everything wrong with humanity. For entirely different reasons, … Continue reading Those Three Words


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