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We offer a range of ways to community to help you achieve the life balance you crave. Park bench chats, mindful walks in nature, and big nature adventures. Choose your level, and get in touch.


Whether it’s a restaurant patio, coffee shop, dog park or local nature center, let’s work together to get you into your upper brain to keep you level throughout life’s stresses.

Park Bench Project

Looking to boost your overall health by taking a more natural approach to health and mental wellbeing? Meet with a coach in a natural setting, weather permitting and work toward a healthier you.

Big Nature

Want to venture off-grid for a couple nights? We’ve got you covered. From long day hikes to overnight destination hikes, we’ve got your kind of retreat or adventure.

Freedom from the effects of toxic stress feels like this
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The Growing Place Sanctuary

TGPS is the vision for on-site facility (facility still in development) which offers a therapeutic setting for children and families to combat the effects of trauma. Healing families and stopping the cycle of generational trauma. We make happier and healthier brains, to make happier and more whole people.

In a day and age, where nothing makes sense ~ we are ALL traumatized. The curriculum for restoring healthy brain functionality has been adapted for adults as well.

Reach out about forming a GroGroup in and around the middle Tennessee area.

We are also seeking donors, mental health professionals and non-profit marketing or fund-raising guru’s to help give us a boost into job creation territory.

  • TGPS is the non-profit vision of Kate Brown and under her direction. It is not my business, but I fully support the mission by serving as Secretary of the Board of Directors and donating my time and dollars when possible.

Nurture your mind, body and spirit.

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