Stephanie Fields

IMG_20200213_163856_983Welcome to my musings. The musings of a girl with zero qualifications as a writer, blogger or any literary person really. I just enjoy writing… and some people say I have a knack for it.  So, I write a little here and there, dabble in critique groups and try to find inspiration. Often that inspiration comes to me in nature. There, I am reminded of the enormity of God and how minuscule we are.

For the love of nature, I became an early downsizer. At the age of forty-five, I sold most of my belongings and a cool older house in order to get a jump on retirement savings and dedicate more time and money to outdoor adventure. I wonder as I wander with hopes that the wonder and the wander will always feed each other. I am:

  • a native southerner
  • a lover of nature
  • dog mom
  • beginner minimalist (except I overpack for camping)
  • passionate believer that nutrition and nature are keys to good health

As I explore where this word nudge inside me will go, the shape and direction of my blog may change but the basis is likely to remain the same ~ one theme will keep recurring. The View From Here was the original title and I will always believe your view depends entirely on where ‘here’ is. In his novel ‘Ordinary Grace’ William Kent Krueger sums it up.  He writes “….there is no such thing as a true event. We know dates and times and locations and participants but accounts of what happened depend upon the perspective from which the event is viewed”.

Stick around to see where my views come from and how I see keeping yourself healthy. Maybe share some stories of your journeys too.

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