Dust wiped away

I was at a red light after dropping friends off from a fantastic weekend of being deep in the woods. In the land of no power and no cell service, my soul was cleansed by the disconnected darkness of the forest. There, I was restored, renewed and reminded that God wants us to get quiet and peaceful and simply lean into Him. It is in quiet that I am reminded to slow down and thank Him for the restoration work on my battered heart.

There was a glow inside me from the release of all things civilization and as I waited for the light to turn green, there was a quickly returning sense of the real world and responsibilities. It felt heavy and there was nothing I could do about it yet so, I began to clean away the physical remnants of this trip.

While the camping left a smile on my soul, traveling down a dusty road left a heavy layer of dirt in my car. It’s for times like these I carry a Swiffer. Don’t judge this neat freakish habit. There’s something satisfying cleaning while you wait for red to become green.

As I moved the Swiffer across the dash and controls, a thought came to me as if it had rushed in through the open window and plunged straight into the depths of my being ~ “God constantly Swiffers us”. Just imagine if we find satisfaction in cleaning some dirt away from an object, how much joy He finds in wiping away the invisible grit that clogs our growth.

He’s so gently cleansing us from the recent, fresh layer of fine dust. Allow Him in and He can wipe away the streaks of our grime and residue of painful emotion we store up. He’s longing to get into some deep cleaning, to wash away the dirt that builds up in the crevices and lingering, causing more irritation. That’s the painful dirt only He can clean.

It’s a glorious thing to be reminded of God, even in the mundane things. In the tedious and humdrum task of dusting a dashboard, God ‘swifftly’ brought my attention to the fact that He is there, He is Lord and He is quietly at work wiping away the stains of my past.

* The View from Here is a cross near that campus of University of the South. It was a beautiful scene anyway but when my Mom turned her picture to black and white, it just spoke to me. It’s unrelated to the story, except that God is beautiful and good in every way. 

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