Flower Killers

Featured image is of one of my favorite flowers. (with credit to: Carolina Roepers from Pexels)

Don’t let them get you! Just don’t! Though sometimes flower killers can sneak up on you. You would never dream that person is a flower killer. Even more unbelievable, they wouldn’t dare kill your flowers… or would they?

Bear with me. Random phrases come to mind at random times and later morph into something different.

This one came to me as I became an accidental, but very literal flower killer. Walking my dog, just around sunup and we were veering off the pavement some. Following along on the grassy, slightly weeded shoulder when suddenly, I looked down and realized my heavy left step landed right in the center of a bushy clump of tiny yellow wildflowers.

I’m a Flower Killer! Ugh, it hurt my soul a little to trample natural beauty. Flowers always bring me joy and I’d just stomped that pretty little bit of nature.

As I walk, I meditate (or ruminate on some thought streams). The past several years of my life has involved some less than enjoyable people. People that TRY to hold you down a little. People who may unknowingly diminish your joy. They may poo-poo that grand idea you have. They may try to demean your confidence so that you don’t soar like you should.

Whether unintentional or coming from a place of just plain meanness and toxicity… anyone has the potential to become a flower killer in your life. I knew a flower killer that exhibited about seventy-four billion ways of stomping on my flowers. I didn’t wear the right thing, I didn’t say the right thing and I sure as heck didn’t do the right things.

As I grow up (slowly and very begrudgingly at the age of 46), I try to find the reasons things happened, the lesson. There are still moments I don’t understand why my figurative flowers were trampled with such force, but the lesson in it for me has been ~ do not return that in kind.

Nurture and water the flowers of others. Your garden will flourish in the process.

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