MTHFR – It’s not what you think

In the summer of 2017 I was sitting around a campfire with all the best girlfriends a girl could ask for. We started sharing some huge dreams. You know, those ones that you have passion for and are getting educated in, but don’t feel you can quit your day job to do! Mine was simple, break up big pHARMa and health insurance companies. They had way too much control of healthcare.

Well maybe not simple, but it sounded completely dreamy for health insurance to cover things that lead to actual health, such as: nutritionist, massage, vitamins, gym memberships.

While life has changed drastically for all of us. I continue to daydream about what nurture might be. nurture is the name of my blog that I intended to become the foundation of whatever shape my dream took. Though the only thing I knew for sure it should include is community. It would be a celebration board for those who have been healed by natural means and a place for those who have been harmed by traditional sickcare to vent and seek answers.

Clearly, I have not yet single-handedly dismantled big pHARMa and reformed insurance companies, but I’m giving support to those I know who are trying to do so.

Enter COVID ~ and I am now even more convinced that healthcare is not about actual health. It’s about profit. In all this madness, the only people who have been screaming to take care of your health for immunity’s sake are being censored. (If you don’t believe this is happening, please contact me. You need to ask yourself why).

Not once have I seen sincere advice to eat right, exercise and finds ways to lower stress. Your immune system is critical right now but natural ways to support it are not being encouraged. Instead, health experts scream “get vaccinated and stay away from people you love”. I cannot properly express how backwards that is. Humans are made for connection.

Thankfully, connection is still happening, despite all the division peddling our media does. Connection is quite strong in communities where critical-thinking minds are managing their own health. Those crazy natural people are doing a much better job with ‘health’ than healthcare ever has. I’m finding community in people who think prescriptions have a place but should take a backseat to proactively managing your diet and lifestyle.

This is one of the stories of connection. I happened across Leda’s story in a wellness group and we started chatting some. Her high-school aged daughter began getting terribly sick. Her daughter, Marrin, has spina bifida, but is in generally good health, requires minimal assistance and lives an active life with her family.

Marrin began to get nauseated often, like morning sickness but with horrendous pain too. It was a day or two a week and then went into multiple days per week. They couldn’t keep food and liquids in her. Leda tried special ‘nutritional’ snacks and drinks but Marrin still got too weak to continue going into school.  

Doctors diagnosed UTI’s multiple times and gave Marrin antibiotics, which probably increased the nausea.  Back and forth for a year and Marrin was even sicker! Finally, and fortunately, Leda’s chiropractor intervened and suggested seeing a naturopath.

They did, on a Friday. Marrin was diagnosed quickly with MTHFR to which Leda thought, “appropriate, because I’ve been cussing for a solid year”.

MTHFR is actually a gene mutation that causes your body not to methylate well. Methylate has a pretty scientific definition that has to do with how your body processes things. In Marrin’s case, the mutation itself wasn’t the culprit but it made her more susceptible to adverse reactions from artificial additives.

Don’t take any of my words for it, this was one of the better videos I found explaining the genetic disorder. Doctor Krupka describes it very well.

Note, Dr. Krupka is a ‘functional doctor’. They look at you as a whole person and on the cellular level. Find a functional MD you like and get out of big pHARMa’s profit funnel.

Back to Marrin, it turns out the crackers and drinks Leda was giving her were making her sicker because of the disorder doctors had failed to find. Repeatedly. Food additives were working against her health. When they cut out those processed food-like products, she was well. Leta said she was perfectly fine by Monday.

Her mom, Leda, is definitely happy with the turnaround and had this to say “Our doctors are so unskilled in the simplest yet most important things. We are blessed to have found our solution and a great doctor.”

Naturopaths swim outside the current of what many people expect in healthcare. But don’t rule it out, they’re doing amazing things in restoring genuine health to people.

Look, before anyone goes hating on me, my opinion of all doctors is not negative and I am not anti-western medicine. Though, I am completely certain an “all prescription all the time” model is not making people healthier. It’s actually making our bodies dependent on medication and we have become a people that are metabolically unhealthy. We need medical providers who will focus on restoring health. Continuing to treat symptoms isn’t curing anything, it is just creating side effects.

Leda and Marrin would agree and virtually meeting them makes me want to yell MTHFR a few times. It’s outrageous how accurate Leda is in calling doctors unskilled. It is also outrageous that the FDA slanders natural remedies, while poor Marrin is getting pummeled by artificial things. That’s just as backwards as staying away from those you love.

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