Those Three Words

A racially divisive event in the summer of 2020 immortalized three words . . . I can’t breathe. Those three words probably broke an already aching city. They put deep wounds in the hearts of others. The same three words became a symbol for fear, despair and everything wrong with humanity.

For entirely different reasons, I want to scream those three words now.

Look, I don’t know if you watch the news or not, but it’s a complete sinister storm going on out there and media is not covering it. Big names from huge media outlets are resigning, others are under investigation for pedophilia. Some are being suspended from their shows for terribly offensive comments and others are just being censored or deleted entirely. If they disagree with certain narratives, that is.

It’s about time some media personalities get reigned in because they have done nothing for the past two years except drive the divide further, present billions of dollars worth of programming from BigPharma and hammer an extreme globalist agenda down our throats.

But the media has been up to no good for much longer than we realize. Programming. Just a little programming of me and a little programming of you. Every signal we receive in a day is marketing to us to have some opinion or buy some thing. If you still don’t believe that, you may not want to read on. This opinion isn’t for everyone.

I got into a social media messaging battle with an old high school chum in April of 2020 about how sharply the numbers could rise and the Johns Hopkins tracker and doomsday approaching basically. I commented that if he was really that afraid, he may be watching too much news. He vehemently denied being capable of having his opinions swayed by media. He was offended I’d suggest such. Operation Mockingbird is a documented thing and I even sent a video of it to him.

I went back to the message thread recently to refresh my memory on the conversation. The link to the video is there. People who have been thinking critically already know what I’m about to say next. The video has been erased from YouTube. I no longer refuse to SAY bigTech is censoring. They absolutely are and they’re manipulating minds with fear. It’s real.

These days, my friends, conspiracy theories are clawing their way up the credibility ladder to being called coincidences. There are more and more coincidences every day though. I pray some of these are used to raise the veil from your eyes. That veil has been expertly, digitally and systematically placed there.

The media is not going to cover the fact that death rates are up and vaccinated people are spreading COVID like wildfire. It’s different for everyone, but my experience is that all my vaccinated friends got the virus and many instances spread it as well. Some even had strange nerve issues for months after the shots. Are you not asking questions yet? I want to ask really hard ones, but it’s just too soon for someone who lost a loved one to sudden death. A death they haven’t yet connected with that second jab they got a few weeks ago.

There is more death lately in my circles now than there has been in years, including 2020. Honestly friends, this all smells wrong. It just smells terribly wrong. It smells like huge profit for pharma companies who have zero liability about a substance they want to inject into your body.

One other little tidbit the media is really trying to downplay ~ these Canadian trucker convoys. I think Trudeau called them a ‘dangerous fringe minority’ and then went into hiding. The fringe he referenced were, at the time, in route to Ottawa to protest for medical freedom. That fringe grew to estimates of over one million people and eighty or so thousand trucks. A protest that has resulted in Alberta, Canada removing all COVID restrictions. Finland has done the same. Amazing how that works. When the people firmly say “no more”, the government is forced to listen.

Yet, our administration continues to push for mandates, causing healthcare provider shortages and animosity between people who used to be friends. It’s gone too far. It was two weeks to flatten the curve and it keeps getting weirder and more sinister. I can’t breathe.

I can’t breathe for crying. I cry for . . . funerals not held, the elderly locked away from their loved ones, children locked into abusive homes and still wearing masks for school.

I cry for the struggling family that just saw expenses go up ten to twelve percent but their paychecks didn’t.

I cry for the mama that wants to get her kids out of public school and I cry really hard when I’m praying for kids to have supernatural discernment to not absorb the things they’re being asked to accept.

Many newsworthy facts may be overlooked by the media, but it’s certainly full of marketing for everything else; false definitions of success, an unrealistic notion of what beauty is and how many genders now? It’s all just propaganda at this point. They push the fear of a virus and the cure to it, but they do not push the strengthening of immune systems. You know ~ eat right, sleep well, move your body and keep solid relationships in your life. Healthy people offer less profit to huge pharma companies. This is about money and control. Wake up!

I can’t breathe, but it’s from weeping over this wasteland of a world. A world that used to be so full of hope and possibility and wonder. It has been replaced with a people constantly on edge, government full of mandates and an overwhelming sense of dread globally. I know some don’t feel that at all. There are all too many people marching blissfully unaware toward enslavement, and are going to be so shocked when they finally feel it. Please wake up, say no and end this nightmare.

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