Obesity Is Fully Genetic. Full Stop.

If you read that post title and thought ‘what kind of whackadoo is this girl?’ . . . you are my kind of people.

According to Dr Fatima Cody Stanford, an obesity medicine physician at Mass General Health, obesity is a brain disease.

She tries to convince viewers of 60 Minutes there is really nothing that can be done. At one point the interviewer says we could “throw willpower out the window” because it isn’t helpful to make yourself eat right and exercise.

In the segment, she wants the world to know Obesity is recognized as a ‘disease’. One theory is that an evolutionary process resulted in bodies needing to store more fat during times of depression. My theory is that’s hogwash.

Going one step further in what I see as a total pharmaceutical marketing piece, she claims it’s strictly genetic.

Daily News UK published a good article with a short clip of Dr. Stanford saying “The number one cause of obesity is genetics. That means if you are born to parents who have obesity, you have a 50 – 85% likelihood you will develop the disease yourself, even with optimal diet and exercise…”.

I can’t, y’all. I. Just. Can’t. I can no longer find the silver lining in ‘news’. They publish the worst information and pass it off as factual. Obesity can be affected by genes, absolutely. But obesity is not strictly genetic.

Dr. Stanford, in my opinion, appeared to be following a script. A script written to make our government look virtuous and a medication look appealing.

How could someone genuinely believe maintaining a reasonable weight is not possible by way of eating well and exercising? How can anyone trust ‘experts’ who suggest personal choice has nothing to do with our health?

Here’s the real deal, as I see it.

Food manufacturers fill their food-like products with hidden sugar and preservatives. The sugar becomes fat and the artificial ingredients, which our bodies don’t know how to process, become inflammation.

The less whole food we ate, the fatter we became. Period.

Eating food from growers instead of manufacturers is the first step in battling obesity. Profits made by giant present a stumbling block to better thinking. They produce the ‘food’ that causes the obesity and then offer the expensive medication to fix the obesity caused by the ‘food’.

Food has caused the genetic crisis of obesity, not evolution.

Thank goodness for a savior. As always, the pharmaceutical industry is right there to pick up the pieces and offer a great solution. There’s a new miracle drug to battle the disease of obesity.

The world has been fully convinced there’s a pill for every ill, even the ills the world itself created.

Enter government swooping in, appearing to be on our side and making insurance cover the medication. Big hero’s, eh? Hero’s to the giant corporations that make us fat, and those that sell a drug to cure said fatness.

Stop falling for the evil cycle of creating a problem and monetizing the solution. It’s a chronically occurring page in the playbook of shady pharmaceutical company tactics.

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