Little did I know when I embarked on the OneWord journey, I would also have daily words. I don’t think that’s the intent, but they keep coming to me as I’ve lived most of the last year in a somewhat numb state.

Just last week in the gym, capacity kept coming to mind. It came to me through one of those imaginary conversations of how you think something new could go.

I was warming up for a weight workout and began to think about what it would look like when I meet with my trainer for the first time. Will they ask me what workouts I have done so far and to what level am I working? In the imaginary conversation, if asked that question my answer would be “probably about 70% of my capacity” and bam… I began to think:

  • Do any of us work to full capacity? (average folk…not Olympians)
  • What if we did work to full capacity? In any sector of our lives…. home, family, chores, work and play.
  • How much more fulfilling might a job be if you worked to your total capacity and had no room for reproach?
  • What kind of improvements could you make in your relationship if you were fully and completely present at all chances you spend time with the significant other?

I felt quite convicted in the thought chain. Capacity is likely a limit that is beyond what effort I put in some things. We all coast, or skate or slack from time to time. But in my stream of consciousness, I began thinking of all the times I could have been working smarter, not necessarily longer hours. Filling my capacity with productive time.

As I moved through some recent footage in the reels of my mind and analyzed those times I was less than productive, shuddered at the realization there had been a lot of them lately. I wasn’t working out, I was eating terribly, but drinking plenty of grapes. Which in turn caused waking up slowly, dragging into work and mainly just spinning my mental wheels.  In retrospect, thinking about all the areas lacking ~ there was a theme.  When I’m not taking care of me….I’m not taking care of anything in my life very well.

I’m not one to make new year resolutions at all, but I’m definitely improving my self-care so far in 2019. I’m in crash training for a ski trip ~ so the gym is an area that I’m going to push for capacity for a minute. Not that 4 weeks is enough training but pushing hard there is trickling into other areas (better sleep, more energy, and surprisingly a little better focus too).

What are you working to capacity at?

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