OneWord for 2019

When I decided to venture into the OneWord community, it wasn’t with a lot of forethought and mulling. Sometimes, a gal needs to mull but this wasn’t one of those times. The entire 4th quarter (and a little of the 3rd) of this year stunk a little and this project was just what I needed to make me conscious of something bigger than myself, or my ‘problems’.

I came across OneWord through a blog, checked for a community on Facebook and then just hit the Sign Up buttons. It felt right in that moment to enter the new year with an intention, however unclear I was on what the intention should be. But the word SEEK just fell onto my heart.

“Seek what?” I asked in my head, of myself or of God.

“Seek knowledge, peace, compassion, truth, mercy and balance.  Seek laughs and love, seek new adventure and seek, above all else, ME”, God answered. And then, He kept laying one of my favorite, obscure quotes on me

Find the seed at the bottom of your heart and bring forth a flower – Shigenori Kameoka ~

The quote has rung true with me for years. I love the idea of having a gorgeous flower seed ready to sprout, hidden deep within a person’s soul. Whether it be a creative passion or a calling ~ find the seed.

To find, one must seek.

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