Look up, Child!

Featured Image: Gorgeous Stock Photo by Stefan Stefancik from Pexels

Life is hectic, times are chaotic and there are more negative forces at work in this world than ever before. It makes me thankful to have a dog, who regularly becomes a joyful escape.

Early morning walks have become our routine together. As the sun is rising, a lot of people in the neighborhood are not. It remains quiet and calm and the sounds of nature come alive as the sun makes its way up from the horizon, burning fresh in the morning sky.

On a recent walk, I got lost in my thoughts and did what I call losing upward focus. Like we all do from time to time. We staunchly plant ourselves, prepared for all the battles our day may bring. Rushing, while still being enthralled by those small screens in our hands, we are lost in the worries of the hour. We lose onward and upward focus by living that way.

I get in that mode too and that morning, I was actually checking work email while walking (and I wonder why I twist an ankle so often). Upward focus had definitely ceased. As it often does, that small, still voice whispered ‘Look Up, Child’ and I could even hear of a clip of the Lauren Daigle song in my head!

I tucked the phone in a pocket, took a deep breath, looked up and began focusing on the walk. My eyes trained on the horizon. Soon, maybe just a few seconds later, the beginnings of a gorgeous sunrise sprang up. One of those with the perfectly puffy balance of cloud and sky where the colors play off each other and fill the gaps ever so beautifully.

That sunrise seemed to stretch so high in the eastern sky, it spilled into the west as well. It was magnificent and I felt God reminding me of his Majesty and Sovereignty, because as of late ~ that gets harder to see if you look at this world at all.

Sickness, division, hate, lies – oh, so many lies – tension and fear. Violence in the streets and rampant corruption in our government and big business. It’s an ugly world. But know, my friends that if you keep looking up, leaning in and pressing on, you’re going to see something amazing.

And when you look up into the sky and see the sun, moon, and stars—all the forces of heaven—don’t be seduced into worshiping them. The Lord your God gave them to all the peoples of the earth. – Deuteronomy 4:19

He is very much in control and reigning from His throne. But you have to keep looking up! Ninety-five times in the Bible, a variation of ‘looking up’ is found and many of them are followed by something miraculous.

Notice He tells us in this Scripture to not idolize them, though. He gave them to everyone. I think as gifts, to appreciate, but also as reminders to keep an upward focus. Seriously, when in doubt ~ Look Up, Child!

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