Clear morning, foggy head

As a dog mom with a full job time and a long commute, walks begin sometime around 5:00am. I’m not gonna lie, as the winter creeps into Nashville and the mornings become crisp there are some 5a’s that I just wanna roll right past me ~ by a few hours would be nice.

Though on mornings like this, some kind of groove hits and the peace and fulfillment of the walk take over. Normally, by 5:20, there are people leaving for work and I’m using the headlamp a lot more. But this morning was super clear, cold but not bitterly so.

The full moon was 3 days ago and the light was perfect. Somehow, this morning, it was quiet. We passed zero cars and amazingly, the neighborhood howlers didn’t even wake up with their startling barks that give way to a sad, low howling melody. It was peaceful.

Thoughts of the far-off, long-distance, is it even possible kind of dream (outdoor entrepreneur somehow) were really traveling at light speed this morning. I couldn’t capture either of them for very long. It was a case of, ah, I don’t know…idea farts?! Though I could feel that still, small peace in the quiet of the morning, outside in nature. It’s where my soul charges for the day.

It is not my favorite thing to do in 30-degree weather, with temps in the teens expected soon, I’m sure I will hate it. But the dog and my spirit will thank me for powering through.

Incidentally, anyone who may read this… I’m beginning to do some short videos sometimes walking, pre-hike, or just random thinking, and there ‘may’ be one of the worst shot videos ever..if you really think I should post them. Send me a note of encouragement. That first step of being majorly vulnerable is a doozy.

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