Cagy no more

Oh my! Where did three entire months since I wrote anything I felt worthy of publishing go? Maybe I’ve been consumed with the world’s trash machine. I tried to stay neutral and silent in this world, but found myself sharing more of my opinions on LinkedIn.

I have no idea why, it’s just added noise at this point ~ although it did get my unfollowed pretty quickly by a ‘friend’.

This has been the year of a hot mess burning in a dumpster fire with a train wreck on top. But can I get an Amen for some glorious weather? Other than a few really hot, dry weeks in the summer – 2020 in middle Tennessee has been what I call “exquisitely weathered”.

Maybe that’s why I haven’t written much. There have been so many pretty days. Plus there’s that whole self-doubt thing going on of ‘who cares anyway?’. Well, I care! My plan was to make this blog all about how healing nature (and natural foods) can be helpful to your health.

Seems a lot of people know that and more are discovering and living it. Even from the ashes of some real craptastic happenings, gems can be found.

Despite COVID, I have had some great outdoor adventures and based on availability of outdoor toys, everyone is doing the same. I’ve had friends tell me it took them weeks to find a kayak. Shopping for tents online was difficult, finding no stock on several models.

Gardening became more popular too! A hot selling item has been canning jars. I love that, and can say my garden has been a delicious distraction.

But I’m wondering ~ for those of you who are outside a lot, do you ever beat yourself up a little for being inside on a gorgeous Saturday morning? I get that feeling every weekend morning that I don’t have plans until the afternoon.

I’m nature-y, 100% wholeheartedly believes it heals, so the more time spent there, the better.

Health lives outside. Since I got the dog and outside became a daily thing (not just weekend adventures) I haven’t had a single sinus infection. My mood has been better than it would have without my escapes outside.

Creativity lives out there too. I feel a rush of energetic ideas outside. All us outdoorsy people know that at our core, we just feel it. Science is more and more backing us up on that.

Last Saturday morning, I had a few hours to kill before getting to see my Mom. She’s been ‘poorly’ again, but I have renewed hope in a new diagnosis that’s treatable with a minimally invasive procedure. Prayers are appreciated! (and side note on poorly – Bramwell is a fun BBC show about a female doctor in late 1800’s London. They say poorly a lot, and I like it).

She feels quite poorly. Those that know me would think I was quite poorly for not being outside!

It was a marvelous fall morning. Leaves turning bright hues of Autumn, mild frost overnight and I had been outside. #theamazingblaze and I had a short version of our morning walk. Sunrise for me and sniffing all the mailboxes for him! It was that multi-colored cotton candy kind of sunrise. Not dramatic or sharp contrasts in color, but layers of soft hues…blue, violet, pink-ish orange. Amazing, as sunrises almost always are.

There wasn’t enough time to go on a proper forest hike, but I did the next best thing. Tested new gear! A quick driveway install of my new SUV tent from Out and About Green! It comes in a pretty compact tote bag, securely packed with carboard.

Ok, so it wasn’t actually quick. There were moments I didn’t think I’d be tall enough to stand it, and then worried I’d run out of time too. This thing is massive, but I finally managed with a huge pat on my own back.

Ooh….she’s a leaning!

After getting the sleeve over the open hatch of the vehicle, it really showed how big it is! Check it out on my IG.

It was sunny, I had to shed a layer down to my T-shirt and the leaves are tossing all about. It was a glorious morning and I’m so glad I attempted the tent. It relieved that cagy inside feeling.

Wherever you’re reading this from, make sure to take a peek outside. Even if just from a window, find a tree and marvel at the colors of the leaves. Going on a walk? Look closely at a random flower.

Here’s hoping that wherever you are and whatever you see, you let outside become part of your day. More than just from your car to your inside destination, that artificially made cocoon. Get sun on your face, let the natural air fill your lungs. We’ve all been feeling more cagy than normal and rightfully so. But I promise, a little bit of mindful time spent outside helps relieve it.

Now just have to get some dates and campsites open to try that big-a$$ tent out! Plus, for fun – here’s just a few samples of those outdoor adventures, courtesy of nature. Plus the dog, cause he’s just so dog-gone handsome!

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