Nature paid it forward

We have treated our poor life-giver badly, tossing plastic and masks and other trash about.  

But Mother Nature is strong, resilient. People, not so much.

All origins of anything we have can be traced to a naturally occurring thing.

Medicines, building materials, clean food and tools, fire and energy all come from her bounty. Mother Nature will forever reign and I will continue to believe in the renewal power she wields.

George Carlin once said we shouldn’t be so worried about saving our planet, the planet will save itself, if we let it ~ and then joked that we can’t even save ourselves. ‘Joke’ used loosely cause that’s some truth!

We’re all feeling that brokenness in one way or another. My sincere hope is that so many of the people who have flocked back to their human heritage as part of lockdowns, will continue spending more time outdoors.

That time with the world at rest gave Mother Nature a big old breather and and then, as she does, gave millions of souls some healing. On trails, on rivers or lakes, greenways and in botanical gardens ~ it seems so many people have been spending more time there.

I believe in the power of nature to heal both itself and us. We are all hurt people, hurting a bunch of other hurt people. It may be one heart that’s breaking for you, it could be every heart that knows you. Your heart is most likely breaking for a few people.

But in nature is a gift so rare, a force that if harnessed correctly can help enrich your life right down to the very center of the soul.

We must be good stewards of this gift ~ our planet. The planet is going to be okay with our tiny help, but we have to start letting it do more healing of us. To come back in alignment with the natural world around us, has wonderful impact on energy, creativity and mental health.

We’re not entirely unkind to earth, we can be better. Leave No Trace is kind, but how about taking a thing that someone else dropped? One small wrong in the world that you can make right! It’s often a cumulation of tiny things that achieve the most.

Sidestory – I am kind in many ways to the earth. But there’s one in you may think not. I never said I was a die hard save the earth girl. I drive (as a friend of mind called it), ‘the biggest damn Toyota they make’. Sorry, not sorry actually that I have owned three 4Runners since 1996. Call me selfish, but the earth is doing a better job of saving me.

I believe our bodies are built to heal (and protect) themselves too, but not without nature. We’re intrinsically connected. Stripped of nature and living in an artificial world, we are much less resilient than our earth.

Our minds and stress levels, especially. Science proves that time outdoors reduces the stress hormone, cortisol. Cortisol comes from stress and we all have too much of that. A little cortisol is good, but too much can wreck productivity and increase the risk of health issues, especially heart disease.

In the 80’s, we said ‘take a chill pill’ a lot. Turns out, that’s just some time in nature. Take a nature pill every chance you get. They’re free, have no side-effects and always within walking distance of wherever you are.

My cousin posted this photo from her recent Florida hikes and its simple prayer “harm me not” touched me. We all want others to “harm me not”, but nature has paid it forward for our comfort!

Don’t you know about 7 billion people that could use some healing? Turn away from #msmfuelshate and focus on healing our souls at their core, and in body while we’re at it. Cause don’t get me started on how staying connected to nature can increase your physical health too!

Come to think of it, that would be safer than getting me started on how #msmfuelshates. Peace out!

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