Facebook, farewell for now

I’m thankful I haven’t had cable TV in several years. Still, all day, every day in my pocket ~ is access to all the media I want. With political theatre engulfing the chaotic world, it is a constant barrage of information, or more accurately, misinformation.

It is ALL misinformation. If it is coming from a talking head of a television station, it isn’t true.

It’s commentary inspired by some fact that sparked some emotion in someone. Then they slather and bury that fact in a sauce of lies and opinion and serve it up to us. We gobble it up. It’s time to STOP it.

Media is, at this point, MARKETING. The product they peddle is division, hate and bias. We take a bite. And then some more bites. Then it’s dramatized further and we take a few more bites.


I really just want to make a plea with everyone.

Seriously, turn off the news.

I’m not kidding . . . Turn. It. Off.

The more I research the media, the more disturbed I become that they are just fueling hate. To me, it looks as if they’re creating a situation for riots. I don’t care who are for, you are having some kinds of feelings about the indecision going on right now.

Clearly, this really is happening. There is a fight for the Presidency, but unless you are spending time in those courtrooms and polling centers, capitol buildings ~ you have no idea what’s truly going on. You get a biased batch of bologna from talking heads.

And I’m sorry ~ just gonna pop this bubble, if you believe Joe Biden is legally the President-Elect – YOU WATCH TOO MUCH NEWS! He isn’t. He was almost, then states got flipped and he isn’t currently. He may end up being, but he is not currently.

And if you think that it’s only because Trump is a big baby and won’t concede, YOU WATCH TOO MUCH NEWS! Trump does have millions of supporters also. If you looked from all angles, despite his orange, arrogant demeanor – there is good he’s done. But you never, ever see any of that in the media. He was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Is he really so hated that doesn’t even earn him a mention on the ‘news’?

Sure, they’re both babies. Dirty crooks, misogynists, true a-holes maybe ~ but there is enough accusation, despite censored or altered information, to make every single one of us worry. Trump, Biden and Kanye West supporters alike. As they say in Operation Mockingbird . . . “this is extremely dangerous to our democracy”.

Aren’t you starting to feel like we’ve just been living with an illusion of democracy?

Noam Chomley said “He who controls the media controls the minds of the public”. TRUTH! The media is not for democracy.

Media is the worst virus. Don’t chow down on what they’re tossing up on the screen. Find your own, the world’s information is at your fingertips. Sure, you have to stay informed, but take nothing as truth until you satisfy yourself with research.

This is looking like a nasty mess until at least December 14th. May as well, take a step back. Posting your angry rants of disbelief doesn’t help either. Clearly I had to get this rant off my chest, but a Facebook feed full of it, it’s just noise people.

Noise I am so over ~ Facebook/Instagram are gone for me until December 1st. I can get the highlights from LinkedIn, go research and make up my own mind. I’m done allowing the noise of propagandized media telling me what to think. Too much is overload, but you gotta stay informed. For me…just the facts, man. I will decide what I’m to believe.

I will give props to what I think (so far) is a impartial site. Real Clear Politics seems to be pretty neutral. The top article when I wrote this was ‘Trump has exposed the corruption of the ruling class’ and the very next headline was ‘The lost cause of the Trumpocracy’. At least they’re covering both angles.

As for all the media names with three and 4 character names. – Stop eating what they’re feeding you.

Featured photo credit: Photo by Visual Tag Mx from Pexels

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