Let Love Lead

On perfect, sunroof hair don’t care days ~ you take the long, backroad way to any destination. Or is that just me? I do it all the time since COVID, and I usually ride with music, loud music! A couple days ago, this song by Terrian came on. It was called Let Love Lead.

I thought it was written for such a time as now. Except, it wasn’t. It dropped on February 14, 2020 ~ what an appropriate release date!

In the third verse, I couldn’t help but think of the current crappy state of affairs. With a year full of COVID and now an election that hasn’t been officially called by anyone but the media, yet has been claimed by the “party of love”. Those who are fighting for the soul of the nation.

Then again, media is nothing but political theatre. Who knows what to actually believe? It looks like WWE in suits. They walk around and wave at people, talk smack to one another and take a couple good verbal jabs now and then. Manchildren about to fight!

Honestly, it cracks me up to imagine them actually coming to physical blows. The thought of two ‘presidential’ candidates duking it is ludicrous, but really hilarious if you envision it in jest. Though, it would show about as much class as the politicians have shown themselves.

But when I sat down to the keyboard to write about the song, I listened to it again and read a little about the artist. I changed my thoughts. Instead of worry and fretting about who will win, when it will be decided and over ~ I’ve decided to just “Let Love Lead”. Period. Full Stop.

Whomever ends up in the White House, I pray that love will lead. I pray that love would come first in their actions all day. I pray that love would be the driving factor for every policy. I pray that leading with love would become the new ‘in’ thing.

We somehow let hate become so ordinary ~ what a tragic thing.

The new inhabitants of the Oval Office will have the world stage to show love, and I am praying that it’s the biblical kind of love. I hope that every good deed that flows out of the White House will be returned in kind and any bad would be repaid in multiples.

Leading with love means being of service and helping others up and the artist, Terrian does just that.

At a young age, she has a ministry through her music and lends her time and talents to AngelStreet Memphis, an organization that encourages young women to rise up, lift their voices and lead throughout the city. It seems at AngelStreet is where she truly discovered her gift.

In your daily life, in your community, in the schools, churches and business worldwide, I just pray for people to let love lead. Especially, our lawfully elected ‘leaders’.

UPDATED: February 4, 2021

Mr. Biden has assumed the oval office and I truly don’t see a lot of love leading. But as I reread this today for another article, I listened to the song again. The third verse that caught my ear then rings even more true now:

If we are in Christ
There’s no black or white
There’s no left or right
God give us your eyes
Help us to erase
The bitterness and hate
So there is only love

Featured Image Photo Credit: Photo by Loe Moshkovska from Pexels

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