It’s Not Our Fault

I want to ask some questions and I might add a little ‘healthcare’ rant so it doesn’t hurt my feelings if you read no further, but I feel compelled to be more vocal about what is wrong with ‘medicine’ today.

Nope, I’m not a doctor. Just like we aren’t all epidemiologists or biologists but we can still recognize some basic truths in life. Like what a woman is, but I digress with that one.

Here’s the truth, as I believe it. Healthy people are not profitable for the healthcare establishment.

Profit has become the main focus of hospital systems, which by the way, have entirely too much power. Did you know that in some states, doctor’s offices and clinics cannot be opened without proving (to other hospitals) there is a need? It’s called a Certificate of Need. When really, the proof of need looks more like proof they won’t be serious competition for local providers.

The healthcare establishment (big pharma especially) even has the media on its side, constantly bombarding us with ads and promises of a great life. Just ask your doctor about this new drug!

Pay attention to TV.

Question 1. How many ads for prescriptions do you see? I found myself wondering how much they spend in advertising.

Question 2. Do you know how much they spend advertising pharmaceuticals in other countries? Zero. It’s not allowed. Don’t you wonder why?

Frankly, I believe it’s allowed here to create the illusion that health can be found in a pill. To believe that a pill can restore ‘health’ to an individual that continues unhealthy habits is just dangerous thinking. It can sometimes just lead to more pills.

Yet, they portray their medications as the only way to health. Because it’s very profitable for them.

Being ‘awake’ to these truths hasn’t been easy. We are quite expertly programmed to believe in our medical system. It’s sad and wrong, but these days when I hear that vaccines and abortion are healthcare, it further skews my belief in the definition of the word.

Health is best found in the absence of doctors and drugs. Healthcare should support natural immune processes and prevention of disease? Am I really so off base on that?

I stand firmly and dig in deeper every day. . . the healthcare establishment wants us to remain ill. Why wouldn’t they? They’re making trillions and many of us are none the wiser.

The truth is, disease is way more preventable and curable than you’ll ever read about in ‘respected’ medical publications. Just a couple days ago, New England Journal of Medicine published an article saying that climate change was responsible for Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. SADS is a brand new name for people dropping dead for no reason. Wherever you stand politically, that logically should sound strange. Thousands of healthcare providers would blame the recently introduced inculations by Pfizer, Moderna and J and J.

Those people are frequently banned from social media. Again, it’s not our fault. We’re being fed two sets of information. Both sides of the political arguments and the vaccine debate tell lies to keep everyone engaged in the debate.

They seem to want us to believe that there is NO health to be found outside of being on some sort of shot or repeating vaccination program.

However, the truth is . . . through food, vitamins, stress reduction, sleep and community; people are restoring their own health every day. While those who get ‘vaccines’ and take pharmaceuticals continue to have illnesses. Is this not becoming more apparent yet?

The sudden appearance of sudden adult death syndrome should make you wonder. Why are there so many cases of ‘healthy’ people dying suddenly lately?

The more I learn about keeping food and consumption cleaner, the more I see this theme. The happiest and healthiest people I know are the ones who live most naturally. Think about the people you know. Are there any that stand out in your circles?

It’s not our fault for not seeing it. For many years, advertising has been hammered in. It looks like advice, it looks like entertainment sometimes. It’s marketing in every form. The same messages have been inundating us for years.

Live big, eat this, drink that, buy these products and life will be grand and you’ll be rich, beautiful and successful.

Few of the things marketed to us most heavily are good for humans. But hey, if you aren’t feeling good….’we got you’ is the message big pharma sells. All you need to do is take a pill, or maybe two if the first one causes some side effects.

Preventative measures such as diet, exercise, sleep, stress reduction and toxicity elimination are not the first line of defense in healthcare environments. Why?

Those that are yelling natural immunity, vaccines are bad and advocating for natural health practices are being silenced. Why?

Because health insurance and pharmaceutical companies have too much power and make too much profit from illness. Does that not concern you?

But there’s also such great hope and good news! You can make changes right now, simply.

Begin reading ingredient lists. If you can’t easily pronounce it, your body doesn’t know what to do with it. Period. So it gets hung up in some organ. The things that happen on a cellular level in the body are mystifying. There are processes that could only be developed by a truly masterful Creator and they were never meant to consume or be exposed to glysophate (the carcinogenic main ingredient in RoundUp).

When toxins are introduced, those processes can misfire and wreak havoc in the body. Modern day medicine is so advanced it overcomplicates the most basic preventative measure ever. Stop consuming poison!!!! Poison is in everything we use. From soaps and cleaners to personal hygiene products to processed things widely accepted as food.

Prescription medications are often poison. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great, very necessary medications in the world.

Perhaps though, just maybe . . . if we stopped putting poisonous things into our bodies, we would need less of those medicines. Then, profits for ‘healthcare’ go way down.

We’ve been lied to for many years. The pharma and health insurance companies have too much of your trust. Start looking deeper. It’s not your fault if you don’t believe me. Just like it wasn’t my fault for being on four unnecessary prescriptions for many years. It seems that one medication was always causing a side effect, and another medicine would be introduced.

If there’s anything great to come out of the past two years, it’s this ~ more people are awake to the true definition of health and they know that ‘healthcare’ as we know it today just derails actual health.

I was slow to embrace alternative medicine, One of my favorite statements used to be ‘taking all those supplements just gives you expensive pee’. I’m quite late to the party, but now that I have cleaned up my diet and found a few great supplements, I have do side effects; less joint pain, better skin, weight that stays steady, bathroom issues are rare, my periods are easier and I’ve had almost no allergy or sinus issues in three years. Plus, I recently stopped taking the last prescription medication I was on.

It’s really not our fault. Trusting in a medical system is what we were supposed to do, right? Doctors went to school for all that. They are to be believed, right? Well, yes . . .but not without doing some of your own research and asking many questions. Doctors actually have little to say about your treatment now. They must conform to hospital protocols and give treatments based on what health insurance will pay for, not working solely to find a root cause and stop the need to see a doctor frequently.

I’ve called the holistic healing community things like ‘woowoo’ or ‘weird and crunchy’ for a lot of my adult life. But now that I’m accepting it, my eyes are wide open to health being rooted in solid nutrition and good lifestyle choices; like limiting alcohol and caffeine or taking the stairs instead of elevator.

It’s okay to not believe in more natural living, that really is your prerogative but it’s not healthy to ignore it forever. When you know more and continue to blindly follow the healthcare masses, then poor health does become your fault.

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