Solo Soul Searching

It’s been two years and four months since I took a tent camping excursion into the Bankhead Forest, completely solo.

It was just over a month into the nightmare that some called a ‘pandemic’, which continues on today, but the peace gained on that trip has long since faded.

As I looked through a few old photos, I decided to just share a few of the beautiful moments from that trip as I prepare to do another sweet solo mission. I’m not in a tent anymore and while I do miss the simplicity of that, it’s nice to have the comforts of an RV.

It’s been a year since my last solo RV trip and high time for another one very soon!

If you haven’t done any solo soul searching lately, I highly recommend getting some quiet time alone, however you choose to do so. An RV on a private land campsite, beside the river has been calling my name. I’m answering!

Falls were numerous in the Bankhead Forest. This one had an exceptionally clear pool with it.
Jake is the best camping companion a gal could have.
Sturdy on trails, minds well and would make great protection if creepy people approach.
The Sipsey River had a special mystique for me. Sandy trails around it and beautiful colors. I refuse to filter most nature photos, so the photo doesn’t quite provide how much greenish blue beauty it reflected.
Falls, falls and more falls. The trail I did had many creek crossings and seven falls within just a few miles.
The campground road I was on ended in water at a boat ramp. This trip occurred in April 2020, so there were very few people around which meant very little light pollution from campers. This is also an unfiltered night sky shot from the boat launch parking lot.

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