Reason Number 12

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Recently, I have been getting to know some wonderful ladies through a church small group. For several years all the small groups were ‘families in [this town]’ or ‘newly married couples in [that town] and ‘moms of toddlers’ and I just did not fit into any of them. Finally, one began for ladies wanting to have life adventures…. such as zip lining, rock climbing, and hiking. I am SO down for all those things.

Another of the ladies is single and we’ve done a fair amount of sharing bad date stories. One of her most recent was a guy who lives a hundred miles away, and they’d planned to meet in downtown Nashville. About ten minutes before she got there, he sent a text that said something to the effect of he wasn’t paying 30 damn dollars to park and was going back home. Not ‘hey, can we change the meeting location?’ or ‘do you know a good place to park?; no phone call. Just an angry rant via text about the parking prices and he was gone!

Which reminded me of my old single girls’ blog and pulled out reason number 12 from several years ago. Unedited, read on for the ragiest rager I’ve ever come across.

Foreign Car Owners …you are what’s wrong with this country (7/31/14)

According to my most recent ‘dud of the week’, the above is a true statement. Upon phone call number 2 that was to proceed date number 1, a lonely fellow by the name of Jeff launched into how horrible my BlueTooth sounded and asked what kind of car it was and when I told him a Hyundai Sonata ~ oh my goodness, the string of curse words and lectures and demands to know my citizenship began.

I hung up.

He called back…he bombarded me with ‘why you buy Japanese cars?’ – ’cause they’re cheap and you’re cheap’.

He lectured me on his upbringing and the reason he was healthy and had a good life was that his dad worked for 40 years through the UAW with Ford…oh, and yes, his Ford Escape has a very clear BlueTooth.

I hung up again and ignored the next 8 phone calls. WTH?!!  And then the text that followed read something nasty that started with ‘You a.hole…and end with F you!!!’. Seriously, he F-bombed me.

But dangit, I didn’t even have time to argue that A. Hyundai is actually a South Korean carmaker (dare I tell him the Sonata was a second car and I am actually a loyal Toyota 4Runner driver since 1996) and that B. most foreign vehicles are actually manufactured in the U.S. creating jobs in all sectors…right down to the construction industry that is flooded with automobile manufacturing work. Who’s the real jerk here?

A couple days later, I got curious to see if he was still active on the dating site, everything had disappeared. There was no history that I had chatted with him there. I think there are two options:

  1. He deemed me an unfit candidate because I am the ‘asshole responsible for the screwed up state of America’ and blocked me.
  2. He realized how stupid he’d been, became embarrassed, deleted himself from the singles site and is seeking therapy.

You can damn sure bet your butt that my Japanese vehicle owning self is hoping for the latter. And I pity the fool if it’s the former.

And that, folks, is reason number 12 I’m single!

The only edit is to add this picture….which 5 years later, I like to think of that guy as an angry manchild!

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